LifeExpanded Practitioner

Certification Program

​How would it feels as a healer, energy worker, coach, or practitioner to amplify your & your clients clarity while powerfully connecting them to their souls?



No matter how you currently work with clients, or if you desire this work personally, this certification program takes you from working on the surface to doing deep energetic and soul work.


As you dive into the LifeExpanded Practitioner Certification program you'll start to notice this modality is unlike anything you have experienced before, as it merges many modalities you may have experienced like inquiry, advanced tapping, and energy work, into a cohesive whole, your mind, soul, and physical body will expand, connect, activate and recalibrate. 


This certification program is more like an energy work certification, as it opens your energetic centers, teaches you to powerfully hold space, and use this energetic presence to bridge where your clients currently are to their inner power and highest soul truth.


You will notice this builds on your current skills to clear energetic blocks, past beliefs, and limitations, guiding yourself and clients to their full potential. You will feel equipped, confident and ready to share your gifts more clearly than ever before.


Certification classes are small. Training includes in person group work, personal sessions, practicum, and case study work leaving you proficient and ready to shift others into alignment and focus. 



Next Course Summer 2020


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