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Along with your generous donations, 25% of all profits from the LifeExpanded Project go toward funding this cause

Our Vision


1. Empower

LiveExpanded Foundation empowers individuals within communities to create massive global impact right where they are through community events by: 

  1. Expand each persons view of themselves realizing their worth and inner power
  2. Build healthy relating techniques to create a healthy inner and outer world
  3. Inspire creative resourcefulness to solve community problems & shift systems


2. Educate

A scholarship program providing the education needed to carry out the Change Makers vision, either traditional or alternative education options are available. 


Empower through education

           Education eliminates fear

           Education empowers the human spirit

           Education in ALL areas, not just academics, opens the hearts & minds of humanity


3. Implement

Educated, empowered, open-hearted beings are able to circumvent the old systems based on fear, scarcity, and greed creating new structures, creatively solving the world's crisis’. 


A select number of Impact Projects will be funded based on the resources available.

   As my son said at age of 8


                 I don’t understand why everyone wishes for World                                          Peace.


              Don’t they see World Peace is possible instantly if everyone is                          peaceful in their hearts right now?"                                                                                                                              Caelan

Why I do this 

I am passionate about freedom, expansion, and each human realizing their potential for greatness.

At 15 I consciously dedicated my life to education and being led by a higher power. I studied outside of school, read, observed, and wrote about it, both spiritually and other topics. I continue to do this.

Following my higher power led me to real freedom in my late 20's by realizing my value and following divine love. I found freedom was within me, and this gave me the strength to create that same freedom in my outside world. 

"My higher power has lead me here, pooling all I have, and sharing this message with the world , a message humanity is thirsty for. 

Growing up in Africa seeing the West come “save” our continent from itself made me realize there are ways ‘helping’ creates more harm than good. Seeing others come in wanting to “change” how life had always worked, wanting to make it “better” by installing their way of being and living, but instead creating resistance and waste.

I observed what worked; some giving is helpful and nice - getting basic needs such as water, food and clothing. Clean water is a huge passion of mine.

But, real change happens in hearts not externally.


"Lasting impact happens inside a person, and that person, knowing what will work in each culture, empowered, and with access to tools, creates change."

And then there’s inner power.

The belief in yourself, the burning desire, and inner freedom to expand thought, possibility, and opportunity.


  •   Knowing what you do, no matter how large or small, has the possibility for massive global change.
  •   Knowing you matter, you are powerful, and you have what it takes within you to make your visions of change and impact a reality. 
  •   Knowing what’s best for your community and having the creative talent to craft solutions that work. 

Combine all this and you get the LifeExpanded Foundation.

Creating change first within yourself, then those around you, and spreading to the systems, rippling out to the world and planet.

This is what speaks to me, what calls me, and what I have dedicated my life to. 


I invite you to join me and our community of change makers contributing in your unique way. Some options include to donate, join the membership, or serve at one of our events.  


Love, love, love

Salenta Fox

How You Can Contribute


Become a Member 


The LifeExpanded Membership Portal gets you full access to all our courses, Live Calls, and resource libraries. 


You get the value to improve and enrich your personal life with benefiting others. 



As a foundation we accept donations to further our vision and mission. If you align to this vision and want to give back too, your donations make this possible. 




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