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Hi, I am Salenta Fox, I am everything and nothing just like you. 

My life’s been a journey starting on the African continent and has brought me here sharing what I have learned along the way with you. I come from a conservative background, married young, and had lived a whole life by the time I was in my mid-late 20’s. One chapter ended, marked by a divorce after an 8 year marriage, and another started with the rise of my maturing and awakening to my power as a women, person, and being.

The awakening started with a course that opened my eyes to how I was living, which was denying the truth as a defense mechanism to cope with life. At this same time found book that reconnected me to my spiritual nature and I found myself knowing in my soul the truth of it. Turns out the truth of it went against the religion I was in at the time.

I found love here, not romantic love, but real love, divine love.

This love guided me, I wrote about it, traveled the world interviewing people about it, and after 3 years became a “Love Consultant”. Really a guide reconnecting people to their souls, inner power, and divine selves.

During this same time I had found my power in a seemingly unusual place, hidden behind the contracting repressed energy of my feminine and sexuality. After the divorce I healed and opened to my sexual self, reading, playing, practicing, crying, releasing, pushing and relaxing into all of me. What I found was a very different person I had previously been.

What inspires you? 

                                  Me, it's human expression                                           through art & design. 


My purpose is the be the bridge connecting you to your inner power and deepest truth, and one of the ways if through the LifeExpanded Project. A membership site where you can access the courses and guidance at an affordable monthly rate making this information accessible to all.

You can contribute by becoming a member of the LifeExpanded Project, expanding your own vision and power while creating opportunities for others.

Sacred "O" Course - Ever since my life changed after finding my true self and inner power through opening to my sexuality, I knew this was something I had to share with others. There are many paths to finding one's power and truth, this path is potent, releasing stored emotional and physical blocks while experiencing a depth of freedom not often reached.


This course was my graduate school flagship project, an extensive yet accessible guided course on finding freedom through orgasms while connecting like never before. 








The message I have is not mine, I am just the one delivering it. There are many  great speakers out there each speaking to the hearts and minds of humanity uplifting them, enriching them, and connecting them to the depths of what lies within, stirring awake and reminding each soul of who they are and why there are here. This is my message too, delivered with my experience, my essence, and with words waiting to penetrate hearts and minds as if I'm speaking just to them, which I am. 

My message awakens you to your greatest potential, no matter how that looks or where you are. 

Personal Consulting

After my personal journey to myself I knew there were others out there just like me feeling trapped, doing what they think they should be doing, instead of living from inner truth and freedom. Souls crushed and dying instead of expanding and thriving. In 2011 I started working with clients one-on-one to clear past things energetically holding them back and aligning people back to who they are within. 

Each year I still take a limited number of personal clients ready to remember, release, and be the powerful beings they are and bridging them to their inner power source and wisdom. I am a certified Quantum Emotional Clearing practitioner (QEC) and use this advanced tapping technique along with energy work reconnection techniques. 

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Published Author

  {An} Unsinkable Soul Anthology Contributor, Amazon Bestsellers List, Amazon International Bestseller List 


International Keynote Speaker

  Her Global Voices Launch, Johannesburg, South Africa

“We recently had Salenta Fox on our stage, and I am so glad that we did. She brought a powerful message of love that truly edified our audience.”

Eric Bailey

Feel Well, Live Well Event

“I enjoyed the presentation from Salenta Fox. Great presentation and the “Open to Love Meditation” was powerful.  Thank you.”

Elizabeth "Rocky" Beuhring

Salt Lake City, UT

I felt scared, insecure and afraid when I walked in. When I walked out I felt relieved, my heart felt open, peace and forgiveness. Much love and honor!

JanNae Beam-Baum

Light Worker

LoveExpanded Meditation

Connect to your energy, recharge, fill-up and expand your love in under 20min

Secrets Revealed

How to Have Multiple, Full-Body & Continuous Orgasms

The stuff your mother never told you about but wish you knew sooner.

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