The Freedom

You've Been

Looking For


Your Guide Through Change 



Freedom Comes From Within


Wake-up to who you are. 

Break-free and remember your authentic power to be and do what you came here to do.  




Orgasmic Power Directed

Experience the freedom to:

  • Ditch the routine of sex
  • Have more & better sex
  • Release your confidence & inner power
  • Have & give "O"'s for days
  •  Heal your relationship to sex


Amplify Your Inner Power

Welcome home, your safe haven:

  • Remember your truth & activate your soul
  • Access your inner power 
  • Rest, restructure, and rebuild
  • Bring order to the chaos
  • Connect to likeminded souls

Hi, I'm Salenta Fox, Founder and CEO of the LifeExpanded Project & LifeExpanded Foundation. Since the age of 12 I knew I had an impact to share with the world. Life happened, marriage, kids, businesses, and then I remembered and awakened to it again.


Now, 9 years later, after consulting individuals on personal relationships and finding alignment within, my vision of sharing this work globally has arrived. Read more.


You have the power to affect change.


​       "My vision is to wake-up humanity to who you are and the power within you.

         Why? To break-free from the systems that bind you."

                                                                                                                     Salenta Fox 



25% of profits go toward the LifeExpanded Foundation              

You Benefit from the Portal While Your Contribution Benefits the World           


   LifeExpanded Foundation

       Create Global Change Where You Are



Your Community

LifeExpanded Membership Portal

Impact Your Life to Impact Others


From your personal life and relationships to global systems, change has to start within. And when you know how to navigate evolution within, you are equipped to do it on a large scale. 


The portal offers you the tools to navigate this inner change and activate your immense power and strength to do what you know in your soul you are meant to do. 



The Sacred "O" Course


Open to Your Full Pleasure & Orgasmic Potential 

  • Unlocking your inner power source
  • Increasing connection & intimacy
  • Release past sexual restrictions/hang-ups

Unlock 9+ O's in her and 6+ O's in him.


Your life is about to change for the better!!


How this has impacted our students

I loved working with Salenta! The transformation I went through was very visible. I saw quick tangible results and felt better after every session. I loved how skillful  she was at both helping me heal and move forward. I appreciate how knowledgeable and dedicated to my progress she was. I highly recommend working with her!


“I’m so full of love and excitement today! I can barely contain myself. A deep bow of gratitude to Salenta Fox for the beautiful Soul work she did with me yesterday. I feel lighter, brighter, freer, and so excited about what the future and present holds. Thank you for who you BE Salenta! You are magnificent and the work you do is life changing. I feel the tangible shift! Thank you, our time together was exquisite! I feel renewed!”


“Working with Salenta has been incredibly enlightening. I’ve learned more about myself and navigating the world in the months working with her than I have through years of therapy. She’s helped me open my heart and soul significantly, and start to see through the silly filters that we as humans are so prone to developing. In short, working with Salenta has been life-altering.”


Secrets Revealed

How to Have Multiple, Full-Body & Continuous Orgasms

The stuff your mother never told you about but wish you knew sooner.

LoveExpanded Meditation

Connect to your energy, recharge, fill-up and expand your energetic power in under 20min

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